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Meet IEC Pennsylvania 

A Message from Our Team

The goal of IEC PA is to promote the electrical construction industry through education and training, support of merit shop contracting, and endorse the electrical trades as a viable career path. To grow our industry, we are dedicated to free enterprise values, excellence in safety and quality of training, and a commitment to integrity and ethics. We strive for exceptional performance in construction, business, and education.

Board of Directors

  • Mike  Gaffney Photo
    Mike Gaffney President
  • Todd  Runkle Photo
    Todd Runkle Past President - ElecTech Contracting
  • Bill  Rehmeyer Photo
    Bill Rehmeyer Past President - John E. Fullerton, Inc.
  • Bruce  Seilhammer Photo
    Bruce Seilhammer President - SECCO Inc.
  • Mike  Heffner Photo
    Mike Heffner Vice President - Dietz-Nauman
  • Anthony  Sarago Photo
    Anthony Sarago Treasurer, ASCOM Inc.

Board Members At Large

  • Jere  Lowe Photo
    Jere Lowe Contractor Board Members At Large - REMCO Inc.
  • Mark  Henry Photo
    Mark Henry Associate Board Members At Large - Mark Henry Inc.
  • Frank  Monacelli Photo
    Frank Monacelli Secretary, Independent Mechanical Inc.
  • Chuck  Whitman Photo
    Chuck Whitman Associate Board Members At Large
  • Anthony  Leer Photo
    Anthony Leer Contractor Member at Large, Leer Electric Inc.
  • Cara  Herbstritt Photo
    Cara Herbstritt Contractor Member at Large , Electrical & Mechanical Systems
  • Jenn  Stum Photo
    Jenn Stum Associate Member at Large, Schneider Electric
  • Cathy  Spleen Photo
    Cathy Spleen Associate Member at Large , United Electric Supply

Chapter Staff

  • Kristi  Wickard Photo
    Kristi Wickard Apprenticeship Coordinator
  • Walt  Czyrnck Photo
    Walt Czyrnck Interim Executive Director
  • Emily  Spishock Photo
    Emily Spishock Administrative Coordinator